Write for pink toys

Hey there, since you have landed here we are going to assume that you are contemplating writing for us, or sharing your thoughts or experience with us. Well, whatever it is, we very much are interested and we would like to see it, and hopefully to share it with our amazing audience. Whether you write for a hobby or not, if you have something interesting to share with the world, then we're interested.

What we are looking for

We're an adult store - so, we only ask that you confine your contents to sexual wellness topic, this can include:

Sex toys
Sex tips
Sex and lifestyle
Sexual health and wellness
Sexual empowerment
Sexual exploration
Escort services
Love and relationships
And the list goes on....

Guest Posting Validity

Sexual wellness has a lot of sub-topics which you can virtually write about anything, but we only ask that the work is 100% of your own, and also free from plagiasm. The content must not be posted elsewhere online, our team are able to check the validity of your work before publishing it on our platform. 

Please note:

- Guest posting is permitted 2 texlinks, linking back to your page for SEO purposes.
- Post must be written in English.
- Post must be grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes

How to submit your guest post

Please don't submit your post without contacting us first. Reach out to us using the our contact form, stating 'write for Pink Toys' on the subject line. Once we receive your outreach, we'll be in touch very shortly.